How to Hire the Right Security Guard Company for Your Needs

Selecting the right security guard company for your needs is crucial to ensure maximum protection. You want trained and licensed personnel who have undergone thorough background checks before being deployed to your site. It’s essential the uniformed guards are experienced in key services like access control, surveillance monitoring, and responding swiftly to alarms. 

The ideal company will conduct in-depth risk assessments to understand your vulnerabilities and customize a plan accordingly. The wrong security firm may lack qualified staff or understanding of site-specific challenges. Don’t compromise safety – do your due diligence when evaluating companies to gain security partners invested in protecting your property through expert staffing, protocols, and diligence. This provides true peace of mind in many industries ranging from construction site security to logistics and trucking security.

The focus is on highlighting the importance of proper vetting, trained personnel, key services, and customization when choosing a security company. This article emphasizes why taking time to hire the right security guard company ensures you gain qualified, expert protection versus subpar services which compromise safety and security.

Hiring Security Companies With Quality Guards

To legally operate in Illinois, security guards must undergo state-mandated training and licensing. The Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC) requires completion of a 20-hour basic training course plus 20 hours of firearms training if armed. Guards must pass criminal background checks and drug tests. Continuing education includes 8 hours of refresher courses annually. Standards of professionalism also apply. Guards should maintain well-groomed appearances in pressed uniforms. They must carry authorized non-lethal gear only. Courteous conduct, respect for property and people, and avoiding force are essential. Guards should refrain from profanity, harassment, and aggressive behavior. Diligent observation, proactive reporting, and quick response to incidents is expected. Adhering to post orders, company protocols, and relevant laws while on patrol is mandatory. Illinois sets robust standards to ensure qualified, disciplined security personnel.

Common Issues Clients Have With Security Companies

The most frequent client complaints involve undisciplined guards who are unqualified and ill-equipped to provide robust protection. Some companies over promise and under deliver. They tout expertise their staff and services don’t support. Do your homework when selecting a security provider to avoid dissatisfaction down the road over minimally viable security that exposes liabilities versus delivering peace of mind.

How to Know A Security Company Is Credible

Licenses, rigorous training programs, and strict background checks are essential. Consider taking a tour of facilities to observe guards firsthand, evaluating professionalism, discipline, and preparedness. Ongoing guard evaluations and facility audits speak volumes. Firms invested in continuous improvement demonstrate attention to detail essential for client security and satisfaction. Taking time to verify expertise beyond sales pitches is key to finding an ideal security partner ready to tailor robust plans befitting your unique needs and culture.

Questions to consider when touring:

  • Are uniforms crisp and demeanor focused? 
  • Do patrols follow optimized routes to maximize coverage? 
  • Are officers proactive with access control and reporting risks? 
  • Does the company conduct rigorous risk assessments? 
  • Are monitoring protocols and alarm response times up to industry standards?

Preparing for Hiring

Prior to hiring security guards, property managers should assess vulnerabilities and access points requiring coverage. Clearly delineate patrol routes, entry/exit procedures, and emergency protocols for guards to follow. Inform them of any sensitive areas like machinery rooms or electrical closets that are off-limits. 

Provide detailed schedules for traffic flow at different hours, noting times requiring heightened vigilance like resident move-ins/outs. Specify post orders for guards stationed at entrances, garages, or pools. Update rosters of residents so guards can properly identify authorized visitors vs potential trespassers. Allow guards input on any risky areas that could benefit from improved lighting or surveillance. Share your occupancy cycles and events that may necessitate flexible staffing. With these preparations, you enable security personnel to seamlessly integrate with your location’s layout, culture, and needs.

Things to Have Prepared

  • Site layout map noting access points, vulnerabilities, patrol routes
  • Schedule of resident/guest traffic flow by day and time
  • Off-limit areas like electrical rooms, unoccupied units
  • Post orders for stationed guards like lobbies, garages, pools
  • Current resident roster to ID authorized vs unauthorized people
  • Special event calendar needing increased staffing
  • Emergency protocols for guards to follow
  • Equipment needed like flashlights, radios, first aid
  • Required uniforms and professional conduct policies
  • Checkpoint procedures for entering/exiting the property
  • Plan for introducing/integrating guards to residents
  • List of risks noted on grounds needing better lighting/surveillance
  • Documentation like incident reports, activity logs, inspection sheets

Internal Audits

Conducting regular internal audits is key for oversight of guard performance. Review footage from surveillance cameras on patrol routes – are designated areas being monitored diligently? Cross reference visitor logs against access control protocols to ensure diligence. Verify adherence to post orders and hourly check-ins. Confirm incident reports are detailed and submitted promptly. 

Check that uniforms are properly worn and non-lethal gear is maintained. Ride along on patrols to personally observe conduct, vigilance, and readiness to respond to threats. Review a sample of continuing education records and qualifications for compliance. Interview guards regarding preparedness, facility knowledge, and emergency protocols. Inspect equipment like radios, flashlights, and first aid kits. By regularly auditing personnel, training, procedures, and equipment, you gain insight to refine security plans and keep personnel focused on providing optimal protection.

Things to Check When Performing Audit:

  1. Review patrol footage to verify diligence covering all designated areas
  2. Confirm protocols being followed related to access control points
  3. Inspect equipment is properly maintained – flashlights, radios, first aid
  4. Check incident reports are submitted on time with proper details
  5. Ride along on patrols to observe conduct, vigilance, and readiness
  6. Cross-check site access logs match with authorization protocols
  7. Verify adherence to post orders and hourly check-in policies
  8. Interview guards on policy/procedure knowledge and emergency response
  9. Confirm uniforms are properly worn and non-lethal gear maintained
  10. Validate required licensing, training records, and qualifications are up to date

Selecting a professional security company requires proper due diligence to find qualified, disciplined personnel tailored to your needs. Ensure guards undergo stringent background checks, licensing, and training while maintaining well-groomed, courteous conduct in approved uniforms. Look for diligence in duties like access control, surveillance monitoring, patrols following designated routes, and swift emergency response. 

Companies should conduct rigorous risk assessments of their facilities and customize plans accordingly. Evaluate service levels through ride-alongs, post orders, and facility audits for areas needing improvement. Guard knowledge on site emergency procedures and familiarity with layouts is key. Define roles like prohibited areas and traffic flow schedules. Collaborating on vulnerabilities gives guards insights to provide optimal protection. Taking time to verify expertise and procedures results in reputable security partners invested in safeguarding your property and people.