Building Access Security Guards

To ensure maximum security within your building, Centinel Security offers the best building access security for all desired buildings, campuses, and rooms within your property. With the most precautionary building access control within the Chicagoland area, Centinel Security maximizes the security of your buildings, sacrificing nothing. We do so by offering limitations and restrictions on the uses and functions of access cards and keys, enforcing proper identification for access, and ensuring that all other preventative policies for ensuring appropriate access for the right people are enforced. With an armed or unarmed guard available on watch at every entrance, Centinel Security pays special attention to all faculty members, employees, contractors, clients, and other guests who wish to have access to a particular door or gate. If desired, we also offer thorough identification checks, pat-downs, and purse/bag checks.

The methods and procedures that we have developed are designed to ensure the safety and security of all staff. In addition to being the lookout for specific entrances, our trained armed guards will patrol the premises to ensure that no suspicious behavior is taking place. If one of our guards does identify unsought criminal behavior, their method of proceeding is up to you. Thanks to their extensive background and experience in the field, our professionals have the ability to control the situation in several ways. They can contact call law enforcement, detain the offender, arrest them on the spot, or whatever else our clients feel most necessary.

Options available

Armed or Unarmed

We can provide different security options which include armed or unarmed guards .

Entry Access

Thorough Inspections

Being vigilant with bag inspections and identification checks at door entry.

Ensure Safety

Patroling Perimeters

Trained guards will patrol the premises to ensure all areas are secure and safe.

Building Security Services We Offer

While our guards are trained for and have the background to take on any building security responsibilities, below are a few of our most requested services. The safety of your building, your employees, and your business lies in your hands. Doing the right thing and appointing a Centinel Security armed guard to stand watch at your property is the best possible solution to ensuring a safe a professional working environment.