Chicago Commercial Property Security Guard Service

Similar to our retail store security services, Centinel Security offers 24/7 protection for all types of industrial property, including office buildings, warehouses, garages, and much more. We recognize that crime can strike at any time of day, and given the size of many commercial properties, they are easy targets for theft and vandalization. That’s why Centinel Security’s trained guards are available at any time of day, for any occasion. Businesses and industries today face a greater threat to their livelihood than ever before. Regardless if you run an office or simply maintain a warehouse, the risk of you and your commercial property being tampered with is on the rise, and the only one to stop it is through Centinel Security. Thanks to various protection technology tools and armed guards trained with an extensive background in policing tactics, we not only have the power and deterrent skills for any threats but the trust that you need to secure your property.

Protecting Chicago Based Businesses

Most common commercial buildings we secure

While Centinel Security covers a wide range of commercial properties and developments, we are often asked what our most common services include. The properties below are among the most common when requesting for professional armed guard security in and around the Chicago area:


Trained Personnel

Armed or Unarmed

Experience protecting commercial buildings and commercial property.

Qualified Teams

Professional Staff

From off-duty police to guards trained in customer service and de escalation tactics.

Specialty Security

Unique Experience

Experienced in dealing with medical properties such as Covid-19 testing centers.

The Benefits of Choosing Centinel Security Guards

Hiring a professional security agency like Centinel Security is about more than just securing the property from any possible threats. Many times, professional security can be a mental contribution as well. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose professional guard services from Centinel Security.

Providing armed security around your commercial property ensures that the risk of danger is far lower. For a client or customer, seeing this is extremely important. It places great emphasis on your business’ sense of care and reliability, and makes the client feel more comfortable with any ongoing business or transaction.

At Centinel Security, we understand that 100% armed-guard security may not be necessary at all times for your commercial establishment. You should be able to customize how many guards you need, at what times, and with what levels of security. The criteria may depend on the time of day, what type of business is going on, or how many clients you have.

Strikes and labor unrest situations can be some of the most uncomfortable and vulnerable times for a business. They not only lower the rate of efficiency but can even place workers and clients in harm’s way. That’s why appointing armed guards is crucial during times like these. Professional security from Centinel Security can help maintain order and ensure that your business or commercial property continues to run smoothly, even during such times of uncertainty.

Warehouses, offices, industrial properties, and retail stores can often get overcrowded with people. During times of grand openings, sales, or even times of protests, crowds can emerge, resulting in a higher risk of threat. Security guards aid in managing the crowd, and can therefore prevent potential risks including crowd rushes or even mob fights.

Seeing your commercial property guarded, drastically strengthens the integrity and trustworthiness of your business. This can be very beneficial when used for marketing or brand-building and significantly increases the credibility of your business.