Construction Site Security Guard Services

Construction sites face some of the highest risks of theft, vandalism, and machinery tampering among all private or public properties. The issue is so pressing that construction site theft accounts for over $1 billion in documented business losses every year. To make matters worse, this rate isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Even with the use of the latest video monitoring technologies, construction theft is rising at alarming rates; especially in a large metropolitan city like Chicago. Large-sized properties are nearly impossible to secure with a simple fence or gate. Temporary forms of security like these are among the easiest to infiltrate, making astronomical annual costs no surprise. All a criminal needs to break in is either a decent pair of wire cutters or the ability to scale fences easily. This is why Centinel Security recognizes how crucial proper protection and armed guard surveillance is on your construction site. While construction site security issues like these are real and more relevant than ever, it doesn’t have to be. Placing several armed guards to protect and watch over your construction site will not only drastically reduce the risk your equipment and progress faces but act as a natural deterrent for vandals. Centinel Security offers the highest grade security guard services throughout the Chicagoland area – we are here for all your construction site security and protection needs.

Roaming Patrols

Construction Expertise

Our guards patrol the perimeter of your new construction site on foot or roaming patrols.

Everything Safe and Secure

Equipment & Supplies

Keep everything from from equipment to construction material safe and secure.

Know Who's In and Out

Site Access Control

Our security guards can make sure that only the people that need to be there are there.

Typical Construction Site Security Risks

With every construction season and job come risks. In many cases, each construction project will have tools, equipment, vehicles and valuable building materials on site. Protecting these items is a major concern for any construction company. Many construction firms choose to hire someone to protect their construction site, but not all security firms are the same. Here are some of the primary threats to security at construction sites as well as the steps we can take to protect your site from these threats.


Why Choose Centinel for Guard Security

Centinel Security can help to ensure job sites are kept safe. Project disruptions caused by theft or vandalism can be completely eliminated or kept to a minimum.

Our extensively trained security guards are licensed off-duty or retired police officers. If there’s anyone that knows how to deal with criminals and vandals, it’s Centinel’s security guards. Their expertise and efficiency allow for maximum security, even at the largest properties or construction sites.

Our customer service is of the most excellent quality. Our customer service team not only works around the clock to provide the most seamless protection experience for you and your construction site, but our on-site security guards are also available to answer any questions you may have about our services to the best of their abilities.

The personnel at Centinel Security has been in the security protection business for nearly 30 years, and the guards that make up the heart of our team have each been fighting crime for several decades. This experience, coupled with our highest degree reputation, ensures that you will receive the best security service available throughout the entire Chicagoland area.

Unlike ordinary guards and security companies, our staff is comprised of licensed, highly trained, off-duty, and retired police officers. Their background in the field and ability to cope with high-stress situations is vital to ensure the highest degree for safety and security. When it comes to your construction site’s security, this is something very few guard agencies in the Chicagoland area can offer.