Security Guards for Gated Communities

A homeowner’s priorities when purchasing a home within a gated community surface around safety and peace of mind. Many associate the term with amenities such as security, assurance, exclusivity, and a tight, sheltered bond between neighbors. However, these same amenities come to the minds of outside offenders as well. Previously, a neighborhood where homeowners begin to let their guard down is a feat burglars dream of. Today, however, despite the increased security due to a fence and gatekeeper, gated community crime is on the rise. A simple fence is not enough to keep crime out for good; no neighborhood is ever 100% safe.
For these reasons, Sentinel Security has stepped up to provide maximum protection to the residents of gated communities. Our rigorous security guard training ensures that all Sentinel Security guards are fully equipped both physically and mentally before being admitted for a certain job. Additionally, our flexible schedules and 24 hours of operation open an opportunity of 24/7 protection for your community.

At Sentinel Security, our guards also patrol the neighborhood and walk the streets to ensure total safety. Training is the best way to make sure that our security guards see everything, even when you don’t. Keeping our eyes out for skeptical behavior, we also watch out for anomalies such as cars being parked incorrectly or children playing in the streets. Once again, placing your safety as our number one priority.

Sentinel Security especially stands out from the rest when it comes to emergencies. Many security guards from other companies are not trained to the levels necessary to correctly guard your home or community and are not former or off duty police. When crime or difficulty strikes, guards have no choice but to call authorities, delaying your safety even further. At Sentinel Security, we take pride in our guards being former or off-duty police officers. This allows us to better secure your gated community from crime.

With the help from Sentinel Security, every neighborhood, gated community, and residential area has the opportunity to be crime-free. Our experienced security guards and officers are ready to provide top-notch service for your community. Contact Sentinel Security for more information or any questions regarding neighborhood safety and protection.

Delivers & Vhicles Tracked

Delivery Sign-In/Out

Every package, delivery person, and service vehicle is identified and logged as needed.

Community Identification

Resident Access Control

Our guards make sure only the people who are supposed to be there are actually there.

Neighborhood Safety

Community Patrols

Roaming patrols, on-foot or marked security vehicle, are available for your protection.

Gated Community Guard Services Can Include

Residential neighborhoods are continually under risk of home break-ins. The frequent occurrence of residents and visitors passing in and out makes an unguarded residential community the perfect target for crime. A gate and uniformed security guard can significantly reduce the typical risks associated with high-target communities. We secure your residential communities with professionally trained Armed or Un-armed Security Guards at the ready. Typical tactics we use to ensure your security include: