Restaurant Security Guards for Chicago Restaurants

Prioritizing security is crucial for Chicago restaurant owners. Chicago is unfortunately known for its crime rate, making security measures essential to protect staff, patrons, and property. The top five most common crimes in the Chicago area include theft, robbery, vandalism, burglary, and assault, all of which can significantly impact a restaurant. Theft poses a threat to valuable equipment, inventory, and supplies. Financial loss is the biggest concern for a restaurant owner. With robbery threatening the safety of customers, vandalism negatively affecting your business’s image, and assault incidents tarnishing your restaurant’s reputation there’s a clear solution. By investing in restaurant security guards you can keep customers feeling safe and prevent violent crimes from interrupting your restaurant. 

Centinel Security requires guards to report any unusual activity at the end of their shift to ensure communication and better prepare the next guard. Centinel performs audits at random – ensuring our restaurant security personnel stay vigilant. Our efforts to provide top-level staffing at all restaurants in the Chicago area are continuously evolving. We strive to continue our long history of customer satisfaction by providing experienced security personnel to staff your Chicago-based restaurant. 

Offering guards 24/7 to Chicago restaurant owners along with a number of tools and techniques to ensure the security of each business we serve. Centinel Security makes sure to be as flexible as possible when it comes to hours and staffing to tailor a list of security procedures that best optimize the operation of your business. We understand that some restaurant owners may only need temporary staffing while others need a more permanent or even round-the-clock solution. Offering flexibility along with licensed security guards will open a window of opportunities for Chicago restaurants to thrive in a secure environment. 

Vigilant Security

Customer Surveillance

Ensuring no one runs out on the bill and that staff are respected.

Professional Standards

Enforcing Regulations

Professionally handling overwhelmed employees and loiterers

Trained Security

Medical Emergencies

From choking to seizures our guards are prepared for emergencies.

Security Guards for Any Chicago Restaurant Industry

Centinel Security doesn’t discriminate against any business in need of security. From cafes to bars we offer 24/7 staffing services to any and all industries to give Chicago business and restaurant owners’ peace of mind. Restaurant security looks different for each individual business, and we offer a range of hours and positions in combination with an extensive list of licensed guards. With this in mind below are a few examples of restaurant security options we handle:


Restaurant Security Frequently Asked Questions

Centinel Security knows that not all industries are alike. We offer 24/7 services as well as licensed armed guards, unarmed guards, and off duty officers to ensure your security needs are addressed. Chicago restaurant owners have the option to only staff guards during hours of operation or round-the-clock for more peace of mind.

Centinel Security will reach out to discuss what services your restaurant requires. All security guards have a second nature to surveil the area, implement mitigation techniques, provide a visual deterrent, offer a warm welcome, and more. We only staff professional reliable guards.

As a restaurant owner in Chicago you should stay alert for theft, vandalism, and assault. These are a few of the most common crimes committed in the Chicago area and can directly impact your image.

Your restaurant will be staffed with security personnel through the hours you have requested. Guards will be present and available to address any security threat that arises during your hours of operation.

During the contract formation process Centinel makes sure to go over any previous incidents your Chicago bases restaurant may have encountered and forms a procedure based on how you would want the situation handled. Guards will make sure traffic moves in an orderly fashion and will take advantage of this time to check IDs to prevent underage alcohol consumption and help establish their presence.

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