Retail Store Security Guards for Chicago Businesses

In 2019 alone, more than 300,000 retail stores were broken into and robbed in the United States. Over 83% of these robberies were pursued by an armed individual, and this number is only increasing. During the 2020 Chicago riots, those numbers have skyrocketed. As unfortunate as it may seem, these days it is not enough to “lock-up” after leaving your specific store or location. Burglars are not only becoming more ambitious, they are becoming more clever as well. Many of these individuals have complex strategies on how to rob or threaten a specific establishment. We know you’ve had enough and we are here to help. There is no better time for a trained Centinel guard to protect your store. Crime can strike at any time of day, which is we offer 24- hour security, ensuring that your retail store stays protected and ridden of any threats for the entirety of our guards’ presence.

As expected by our retail clientele, Centinel Security guards are frequently tested, monitored, and randomly audited for quality assurance. Our efforts to provide top-level staffing at all retail establishments have yet to be matched in the industry. Furthermore, we strive to continue our long history of customer satisfaction by bringing our superior protection business to you.

Our retail security branch allows for customization and flexibility regarding guard hours. No matter your specific requirements, we have a security guard waiting to protect your valued business or franchise location. We offer permanent and temporary protection, as our list of experienced guards is numerous. This allows our guards to switch shifts easily and effectively, never losing sight of what’s important: you and your store’s safety. Contact Sentinel today regarding any questions or concerns regarding the safety of your retail business. Hiring our firm may be the best investment you will make as a business owner, branch supervisor, or CEO.

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As an extension of your crew, we ensure your property and personal are safe and secure.

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From corporate commercial buildings to independent retail stores, we've got you covered.

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Exceptionally trained security personal and professional uniformed security officers.

Security Guards for Various Industries and Businesses

At Centinel Security, we offer a wide range of security protection for retail stores in the Chicagoland area. All of our security guards are former or off-duty police officers with countless years of experience. Armed or unarmed, the extensive background, training, and experience are what sets Centinel Security apart from the rest. Below are just a few of the retail protection options we offer:


Retail Security Frequently Asked Questions

At Centinel Security, we train and provide tactic skills to ensure the best-equipped security guards. Our staff consists of current and former police personnel with extensive experience and police training. All security guards and officers at Centinel are licensed, Illinois certified, and set the industry standard for excellence in the field. When we appoint a particular guard, or several guards, to your retail store, they will meet with you first hand to assess how to deliver the most protection most accordingly. We will also go over a custom schedule that is tailored to fit your business hours and your work schedule.

Our trained guards are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. With no days off, including holidays and weekends, our guards are always available and can be appointed for as little as a few hours to an ongoing basis, whenever you need armed security.

There are various options when it comes to identifying criminal activity, most of which come down to the business or retail store owner. Thanks to their extensive background and experience in the field, our professionals can control the situation in several ways. They can call law enforcement, detain the offender, arrest them on the spot, or whatever else our clients feel most necessary.

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